Reporter’s Reenactment of Tips For Dealing With Bears Is Performance of Lifetime In Ridiculous Viral Video

And here I just thought bears would simply be on their way with a pot of honey and directions to Hundred Acre Wood. But thanks to the fine reporting of NBC 10 reporter Julie Tremmel, people around the country are now well-versed in bear safety. The video of Tremmel’s over-the-top reenactment of how people should respond to bears has since gone viral. NBC 10 originally decided to share the tips after numerous bear sightings were reported within their local community of Providence, Rhode Island.

In the best performance of her career, Tremmel joins the ranks of other great reporters whose actions have made them internet superstars, including Kristi Gordon — the meteorologist who was scared shitless by a huge spider on her monitor — and the Fox anchorwoman who nearly died after hearing a newscaster drop a “double f bomb” during a live broadcast.

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