Rooster Teeth Anime Series ‘RWBY’ Set To Premiere Exclusively Online July 18

“RWBY,” the new online anime series from Rooster Teeth Productions, will officially air on the Rooster Teeth website on July 18. For those of you out of the loop, Rooster Teeth Productions is the creative studio responsible for “the longest running web series in history” — “Red vs Blue,” as well as a host of shorts, podcasts and web shows.

“RWBY,” which one could assume stands for “Red, White, Black, Yellow” per the trailer (above), will be the studio’s first foray into the anime genre. Rooster Teeth premiered episode one of the series at their annual expo RTX.


“We’re just ridiculously excited about how awesome this show is. The fan reaction at RTX was off the charts, and we can’t wait to reveal episode one to our fans online, and new audiences around the world,” said Matt Hullum, CEO of Rooster Teeth.

The new series, which was created by “Red vs Blue” animator Monty Oum, follows four girls who, in true anime fashion, slice and dice monsters while trying to navigate the the equally dangerous world of high school.

The series already has the buzz of something big as it is reported that after premiering episode one at RTX, the creative team received standing ovations from a room of 2,400 attendees.


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