Roswell Alien Google Doodle Has A B*tchin’ Easter Egg [VIDEO]

Today is the 66th anniversary of Roswell’s suspected alien crash landing, and appropriately, Google celebrated the day with their most technically advanced Doodle to date.

A mini-quest game involving a poor E.T. trying to piece together its ship (see how gender non-specific I was there? Wouldn’t this world be a better place if we could all be as progressive as me?), gives Googlers a chance to side with the alien in this quest for interstellar understanding. And yet, because it’s Google, there is a delightful Easter egg within the game that is an Easter egg of sorts itself. Almost like the shadow conspiracy that is aliens in the first place …

Watch the tutorial video where the man makes a [SPOILER ALERT FOR LAMEASSES] grappling hook from the cow’s harness and a horseshoe. This tool is then used to retrieve the piece of flying saucer lodged on the roof of the horse barn. It’s quick, pleasant and not messy — but its also not how I achieved shit. Instead I went the “what if?” route and decided to see what would happen if I fed the horse some of the radioactive fuel used to make the plants grow. Surprise! The horse grows too huge for the barn, like some sick “Alice in Wonderland” dreamscape, which then causes the saucer piece to fall off the roof anyhow. This completes the mission AND leaves the alien with a sick-ass grappling hook to show off to his alien buddies, MacGyver-style. Sweeeeeeet.

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