Roxy Clothing Brand Slammed On Facebook For Objectifying Women In Recent Promo Video

Roxy clothing company is in hot water this week as their latest teaser trailer for their upcoming Pro Biarritz surf competition meet is being criticized by fans for objectifying women.

Published on YouTube on June 26, the teaser trailer shows a topless blonde woman getting ready for a day of surfing — an ironic activity since she never actually surfs in the video. The entire video focuses solely on her butt and never actually reveals her face. Looking wet and sexy for her day at the beach, the video left many fans wondering what any of it had to do with surfing.

The blonde woman depicted in the video is five-time world champion surfer Stephanie Gilmore, and since the video’s release, Roxy has received hundreds of angry Facebook comments, with some fans even refusing to buy any Roxy gear this surf season.

On Facebook, Marlaina Read stated: “Women are ‘multi-dimensional’ and let us demonstrate that by reducing a woman (who is a pro surfer, athlete, mentor etc) to her sexual looks. She has so many dimensions we don’t even have to show you her face (just her bum, ammirite??!) So original, I feel I have learnt so much about this woman’s ‘complexity.’ Sarcasm over now. It’s hard enough getting coverage for women’s sport, and now there is this fantastic opportunity to showcase this competition and the ability of the surfers – and it has been wasted. Sitting on your bed in your undies and sexily undressing for a shower is in no way a ‘dimension.’”

Roxy has since come forward to talk with fans about the original intent behind the video.


Though the company seems concerned about the controversy that has sprung from their recent video, their public apology did little to mollify their enraged fans. Facebook user Wend McGirr commented on Roxy’s apology post: “I am not bothered about sexy commercials, sex sells as do attractive bodies. She’s a pro surfer that is what their figure looks like. But I am bothered you ‘promote’ a world tour surfing event focusing entirely around a woman’s butt. Aimed at who?! Not women thats for sure. It shouldn’t be focused on a surfers body or sex at all, it should be about their talent and athleticism and power. Amazed ASP still let sponsors do this in 2013. It wouldn’t happen at Wimbledon. Totally uninspiring.”

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