RUMOR: The New YouTube App Will Allow Users To View And Search For Videos At The Same Time

Okay, this one is a huge rumor, but according to The Verge forum poster Ryan Matthews — who Ubergizmo claims has a solid track record of breaking this type of news — the updated YouTube app will feature multitasking capabilities.

In other words, according to Matthews, users will be able watch videos while simultaneously searching for videos (similar to Xbox One allowing Skype calls to be made during game sessions). For some reason, people seem to be psyched about the idea of multitasking, because in the year 2013, our attention isn’t fractured enough.


Among the rumored updates, the new app will allegedly feature “an arrow pointing down,” which will allow users to “continue scrolling through other videos simultaneously.”

Matthews claims he gave the new application a test run on a Galaxy Nexus, which is how he learned about the update. Matthews added: “And I’ll probably be doing all future info sharing on my twitter handle @ryanf1fan because my sources prefer it that way. Yeah, I’m pimping for followers too!”

Of course, take this with a grain of salt. And if Matthews turns out to be correct about all of this, I’ll buy him an ice cream sandwich or something — #Icecream4Rumors2013.