Ruv, Bacon and Science: NMR’s Top 10 Canadian YouTubers

Despite sharing a land and water border, many Americans know very little about their neighbor to the North. When Americans think of Canada, they think of Mounties, hockey and rivers of maple syrup. Obviously, Canada’s more than these stereotypes—especially when it comes to YouTube creators. For its relatively small size, Canada has its fair share of very popular YouTube creators ranging from bacon-loving monster eaters to hilarious social commentary from a Chinese-Canadian “Engrish” speaker.

Warm up your box of Timbits and have a nice cold beer — we’re celebrating Canada Day by counting down the 10 most awesome Canadians on YouTube.

10. Eat Your Kimchi

Originally from Canada, husband and wife Simon and Martina Stawski started making YouTube videos about their experiences living in South Korea back in 2008. What started as a series of vlogs about their lives as English teachers has turned into a popular YouTube channel that gives a realistic glimpse of life in South Korea from a foreigner’s perspective.

9. Convos With My 2 Year Old

A relatively new member of Canada’s YouTube community, the “Convos With My 2 Year Old” series has gone viral with more than 13 million viewers and over 260,000 subscribers since it launched in May. It also helps that the series stars a grown adult man portraying a 2-year-old girl.

8. Gregory Gorgeous

The cross-dressing YouTuber from Toronto dishes out not only makeup tips but also funny tidbits about his life as a gay man. When he’s not teaching YouTube viewers how to cover dark circles and scars, he has a major role in the semi-reality drama web series “The Avenue.”

7. Jon Lajoie

The Montrealer is known for putting out comedy songs on YouTube under the guises of the very vulgar MC Vagina and nothing-special rapper Everyday Normal Guy. Since blowing up on YouTube, Lajoie has seen mainstream success on FX’s “The League” and a Comedy Central stand-up special.

6. Mike Tompkins

The singer from Ilderton, Ontario has become a YouTube sensation thanks to his stellar a capella performances of covers and original songs. Some of his most popular a capella covers include Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” and Fun’s “We Are Young.”

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