SDCC 2013: ‘Annoying Orange’ Creator Dane Boe Reveals The Bizarre Origins Of His Hit Show


Maybe you’ve watched “The Annoying Orange” on either YouTube or Cartoon Network and thought to yourself: “What would ever compel a lunatic to create this program?” At “The Annoying Orange” panel during San Diego Comic Con 2013, “Annoying Orange” creator Dane Boedigheimer unveiled the inspiration behind his juice-ready, manic creation.

“I’ve always loved bringing weird stuff to life,” explained Boedigheimer during the panel, which featured guest speakers iJustine and Toby Turner, who also voices characters on the Cartoon Network show.

Boedigheimer took the origin story of his vitamin C-laced anti-hero into the meta zone, saying, “Food is good in that way. There is an external fear of humans coming in; anything can happen at any point.”

Humans serving as grim specters of death haunting anthropomorphized fruit — this just got really heavy. I think i’ll lay down now.

Keep an eye out for season two of “Annoying Orange” on Cartoon Network, which will feature guest voice acting from Rainn Wilson, Kellan Lutz, Olivia Munn, “Weird” Al Yankovic and David Cross.

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