She Only Looks Dead — Controversial ‘Swimming Baby’ Video is Overblown Sensationalism

Elizabeth Christiansen’s parents are getting online harassment from concerned parents after they posted a video of the 16-month-old swimming alone in her backyard pool.

People love hot dogs, but they hate to see how hot dogs are made. Same with phenoms. People love these Tiger Woods-style whiz kids who’ve been practicing their whole lives, but nobody wants to see videos of them practicing, because it looks “cruel.”

Clearly this baby is in very limited danger — if something happened where the child was unable to continue or looked to be in peril, I gotta believe that the dad would hop in while the mom then continued to film a viral “rescue” video. Of course, lines like, “She was able to go across the pool on one breath” while the baby is floating face-down in the water looking like it has drowned probably don’t do this couple any favors. But damnit people, we’ve got to train harder and younger if we want to beat the Chinese.

Here are some more whiz kids in the midst of their practice regimens:

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