Shields Brothers Remix PewDiePie, Dish ‘Internet Icon’ & ‘The Voice’ [INTERVIEW]


“Celebrity” comes in a few different forms — some, like Veronica Lake, Dominique Swain, Edward Furlong or Norman Reedus are spotted and swept up into fame’s turbulent embrace. They typically soar high and drop just as quickly. Most everyone else has to bust their ass — has to work for it — and when it happens, they know they’ve earned it.

Up-and-coming YouTubers The Shields Brothers are busting their ass for that elusive “celebrity.” Hell, “celebrity” is such an open-ended notion, they might already be there? After all, they’re being covered in a magazine (NMR), they’ve been on a network television show (“The Voice”) and were serious contenders in a major YouTube contest (YOMYOMF’s “Internet Icon”). They’ve even sung backing vocals on a Bret Michaels album. And yet, here they are doing an homage to an even bigger “celebrity”: Swedish gamer PewDiePie. Is PewDiePie a celebrity? Are the Shields Brothers? I don’t know. But Tristan and Rory Shields are doing good work so far, so let’s let time decide.

Are you guys actually brothers?

How dare you insult our mother?! We get this question all the time. We’ve actually been brothers for a long time. All of Rory’s (blonde) life and most of Tristan’s (brunette).

Sum up your channel in one BADASS sentence.

You know that feeling of putting your pants on straight out of the dryer? It’s nothing like that. We are a badass music channel kind of like the Smothers Brothers with next level beats.

You guys were on season two of YOMYOMF’s “Internet Icon.” You placed 7th. What could you have done better?

In retrospect, we probably should not have mocked Ryan Higa to his face (challenge two). Not our best decision. Fortunately, Phil DeFranco was there to rescue us that time. But, seriously, the talent on season two is incredible. Any of them could be the next Internet Icon. Also, most of the contestants are from L.A. In hindsight, for us a hotel room would have been better instead of sleeping on our friend Joe’s floor. It was free and awesome but we desperately needed more sleep. “Internet Icon’s” schedule is at warp speed. We could have adjusted better to the pace.

You were also on season two of “The Voice.” What was that experience like?

Surreal, bizarre, fantastic (that was just our experience with Cee Lo). Seriously, it’s hard to capture this in a few sentences because it was six months of our lives. It’s pretty crazy being part of the biggest show on TV. Our goal was to jumpstart our online presence so we could get fans (we call them “Sexies”) from all over the world. Some of those relationships are really incredible. When we did our first Kickstarter a fan from Australia decided we needed a new camera. She bought us the one we used on “Internet Icon” and use everyday. Other crazy things that happened — trending worldwide on Twitter (our battle round was really contentious), partying at Adam Levine’s house, hearing Van Halen practice in the next room, bumping into Kelly Clarkson on the dance floor and realizing how short she is.

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