Shout Factory Launches YouTube Sci-Fi and Horror Clips Channel Scream Factory


Shout Factory has launched its latest YouTube channel that features hours of clips and other features from sci-fi and horror films.

Scream Factory will feature short clips as well as trailers, cast interviews, short documentaries and behind-the-scenes footage from films like “The Fog,” “Lifeforce” and “The Burning.”

Jeff Nelson, director of marketing for Shout Factory, said in a statement: “Scream Factory TV is completely fueled by our deep passion and love for the horror genre. As we continue to celebrate and curate more amazing content for the site, we look forward to sharing it with horror and sci-fi fans around the world.”

The Shout Factory label has several YouTube channels under its belt ranging from the main Shout Factory channel to its channel dedicated to R&B and soul legend James Brown.

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