Stop, Collaborate and Listen To The Movies Sing Vanilla Ice’s ‘Ice, Ice Baby’ [VIDEO]

The Dondrapersayswhat YouTube channel began its viral success a few years ago with the eponymous “Don Draper Says: ‘What?’” video which features the “Mad Men” character saying the phrase “What?” in different situations throughout the series.

Since then, Dondrapersayswhat has gone to do bigger and better YouTube videos, like the “Sung By The Movies” series, where very short clips from diverse films are put together into one song.

In their latest “Sung By The Movies” video, they’ve chosen an old classic from the early 1990s – Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby.” The video features dozens of movies from the 1940s to the present like “Erin Brokovich” to “Singing In The Rain” singing the rapper’s signature song. The creators even threw clips from Vanilla Ice’s widely-panned debut film “Cool As Ice” for laughs.

See which movies you can identify in the viral video above.

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