Straight & Gay Men Respond To Each Other Over Gay Marriage [VIDEO]

Aww, like a bad sequel, this follow-up to one of the best and smartest videos ever put out on the web has tried to cash in on brilliance with something less substantive. This video, called “Straight Men & Gay Men Respond to Gay Men Marrying Each Other” is a sort-of retort from the makers of the original “We Will Marry the Crap Out of Your Girlfriends” video [viewable here]. But whereas the original used a reverse psychology as humorous “threat” this one falls back on the tired cliche of the “stupid straight guy.”

The new one starts out with a dynamite premise: the straight guys WANTED the gay guys to marry their girlfriends … I was excited. Hehehe — this is bold, let’s see where we go from here. But then it turns out that “Oh we straight guys just don’t know what we’re doing …” There’s almost a gay machismo here that is unsettling and uncomfortable “We ALWAYS win …”

Sure, many straight guys could take a page from stereotypical perceived “gay habits,” but there is a fantastic reason why guys and girls go together in the first place — opposites attract. Watch “7 Brides For 7 Brothers,” arguably the manliest musical out there. It will teach everyone everything they want to know.

I think the only redemption here is a bold “trilogy” move. Make a third video — from the women’s point of view. Maybe the women reject both groups in favor of a seedy ex-convict? Who knows? I haven’t given it any thought (“clearly” a stereotypical gay guy would likely respond here and do that little snap thing). But this is the only way — short of burying the sequel — to rectify the travesty that has been committed.

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