Subblime Launches Virtual Marketplace For Brands And YouTube Creators Looking To Partner Up

Pinterest/Etsy/Amazon Wishlist hybrid Subblime has announced a brand new virtual marketplace today allowing brands to offer influential YouTube creators products and deals.

Currently, Subblime acts as a platform for YouTube creators the likes of Elle Walker (What’s Up Elle) to list and recommend their favorite products, which then can be purchased by fans and followers.

The new virtual marketplace, Subblime Showroom acts as a platform for brands and creators in “creating long-term successful brand ambassador relationships.”


Subblime Showroom’s first participant is Tieks, a provider of fashion ballet flats. Working with creators, Tieks will offer a free pair of flats to members with a minimum number of followers, while those below the minimum will receive a considerable discount.

“Subblime Showroom bridges this gap for a whole new market of advertisers while helping grow the pie for YouTube influencers and their MCN partners,” said Adam Winnick, CEO of Subblime.

Although still in its beta phase, Subblime Showroom hopes to provide a defined way in which creators and brands can work together. It’s a way for brands to reach creators outside of the traditional spamming of email or the air-of-desperation-filled Twitter shoutout.

But most importantly, Subblime Showroom seems to be geared towards building relationships between brands and creators. “Many advertisers recognize the influence of YouTube creators but are adamant about building an authentic relationship first, before doing business together,” said Winnick.


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