Survey: Reddit — ‘The Front Page of the Internet’ — Visited By 6 Percent of Internet Users


Reddit may boast itself as the “front page of the Internet,” but how many American internet users visit the social news platform? Surveys say about 6 percent, according to a recent report by the Pew Center’s Internet and American Life project.

While 6 percent may not be a huge number for the “front page of the Internet,” it puts them at the same level as another popular social media platform — Tumblr. The report also confirms that their biggest user base is males 18-29 years old and the next largest grouping of Reddit users are males aged 30-49. Other notable trends on Reddit found in its survey of 2,000 consumers include that Reddit is more commonly visited by urban and suburban residents rather than rural residents and that women are a scarce demographic on the site.

Maeve Duggan, one of the co-authors of the Pew study, said in a statement: “Sites like Reddit are part of a larger digital ecosystem that is changing the process of news and information discovery. Content on Reddit is created, edited and shared in an informal process that is user-driven. Like all social media, it allows more direct citizen engagement in shaping the information ecology and produces cultural touchstones outside the bounds of mainstream media.”

The Pew survey also pointed out that Facebook is the dominant social media platform, with 67 percent of internet users using it. Twitter comes in at second at 16 percent of internet users, Pinterest at 15 percent, Instagram at 13 percent and Tumblr at 6 percent.

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