Take Me To Your Leader: World UFO Day Brings Us the 5 Most Obvious UFO Videos

Fox Mulder was right — the truth is out there … and now, thanks to these 5 fantastically debated videos, the truth might be right here! In honor of World UFO Day, NMR’s “UFO Facts Research Division” has scoured our files (given to us courtesy of the NSA) to determine what is indisputable proof that we are not alone in the universe.

While there are many videos purporting to show “something,” we’ve now entered an age when, like religion or ghosts, if there is actually something, we have the means of recording it — unless the aliens have developed some sort of cloaking device (I don’t think Jesus has mastered that technology yet).

And before you get all sassy and claim that UFOs exist because by definition anything we can’t identify is a “UFO,” that’s just semantics, nonbeliever. I won’t attempt to pitch you on the idea of little green men, otherworldly beings or “martians” — you either believe, or you don’t. But here are the 5 best pieces of evidence we have … so far.

5. Crazy Ladies Drive Into Area 51

While not specifically tied in to UFO sightings, this video breathes a lot of fire into the notion that Area 51 is being heavily protected and shrouded in mystery for some reason. These guys watch speechlessly as these two grandmas blithely ignore the warning signs that intruders will be shot and go hauling ass onto the protected lands. Suddenly this truck full of military commandos(?) goes tearing after them. Is this the end of these two ladies? Nobody knows.

4. Ancient Astronauts

As this vid details, 85% of “alien” sightings are explained away — but that still leaves 15% as unaccounted for. This video shows all the “manmade” spectacles and evidence around us that aliens just have to exist. The pyramids? Stonehenge? You can’t account for that shit. Aliens, kid, aliens. Over 2.5 million people have seen this video — I just wish it weren’t so damn long.

3. STS 114 – 2005

What’s that? You want footage from NASA? Deal. This video asks you to explain away what sort of object changes direction in flight out in the dark reaches of space. You can’t name one, can you? What’s nice about this vid is that it is short. Short vids are always more convincing for some reason.

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