Take Me To Your Leader: World UFO Day Brings Us the 5 Most Obvious UFO Videos

2. The Phoenix Lights – 1997

A series of bright lights were witnessed by thousands of people hovering in the night sky over Phoenix — this strange quiet video is some of the best footage we have of this eerie — and still unexplained — phenomena. Decoy flares or ball lightning my ass. If this isn’t UFO proof, I’ll eat my Rigel Federation-issued brain suppressor — err, hat.

1. Canada’s Former Prime Minister of Defense Confirms Aliens

At the end of the day, the best proof outside of confirmed contact, is someone reliable in a position to have such knowledge diming out the truth about aliens and their collusion with the government. Canada’s former PMOD, Paul Hellyer, just did that in a stunning 25-minute video that went viral back in May of this year. I still haven’t heard the fallout from this — whether Paul’s testimony has been suppressed or recanted by the government, but don’t believe the lies if they are out there, people! If this isn’t real, what chance do we have?

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