The 5 Things NMR Hopes To See At VidCon 2013


This VidCon thing has been going on for a couple years now (since 2010). Each year has had its share of issues, but every year, things get a little bit better and run a little bit more smoothly. Of course, NMR has only been around since 2011, so don’t quote us on that. But since they’ve made the transition from Los Angeles down to the Anaheim Convention Center (and since YouTube has signed on as the primary sponsor), they’ve been able to expand and make for a better fan/creator interaction. But we can all always dream a little bit higher, and as such, NMR has come up with five things we hope to see at this year’s VidCon.

5. We Don’t Get Charged An Arm & A Leg For Parking, Swag & Concessions


Parking is expensive, food is expensive and tickets are expensive, so you’d better believe they aren’t going to be giving out sweet Epic Rap Battle merchandise for free. But maybe this is the year that everybody realizes how ludicrous it all is and the prices come down. If I have to pay $600 just so I can have 30 corndogs, I am going to be furious.

4. Harley Morenstein Goes Vegan


Imagine a panel discussion in which the Epic Meal Time crew espouses salty meat snacks and processed foods and instead teaches us all how to build a catapult out of tofu and wheatgrass. Gone is the “bacon, bacon, bacon,” in is the cruelty-free, non-gluten spinach blintzes. On second thought, that sounds terrible. Long live meat!

3. The Fan Interactions Become Manageable


Look, we love that you love your favorite YouTube creator and that you think they are talking directly to you whenever they make a video (to be fair, they’re not not talking directly to you either — such is the awesomeness of social media), and we love them too. But there is a whole giant line of people who want to meet them too, so save your gushing for the comment section. In the meantime, stand in line, get your butt cheek signed, and move on. Wheezy Waiter shouldn’t have to field questions about whether he remembers you from last year’s VidCon or that time you got caught standing naked on his roof — he remembers.

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