The 5 Things NMR Hopes To See At VidCon 2013

2. Smosh Breaks Up on Friday And Then Has An Epic Reunion On Saturday


Everybody needs some good crazy drama to stir up the crowds between panels, and I can think of no bigger surprise than Smosh going splitsville (short of FPSRussia staging a “Red Dawn” style takeover of the conference, I suppose). Of course, nobody ACTUALLY wants Smosh to split, so there would have to be a really badass thing where they have a tearful reunion that brings them closer than ever. Also, with fireworks and confetti. I guess what I’m saying is that hell, even if it’s staged, VidCon needs to enhance its pageantry.

1. Not Everybody There Is A Vlogger


I get it — video blogging is about capturing the world from your unique perspective. I just don’t want to be seen eating corndogs in the back of 80,000 uploads as everyone walks around with a camera stuck in their face, bumping into everyone else filming. There really needs to be a special “diamond lane” just roped off for people who want to walk and film. Sure there can be fans who are creators and creators who are fans, but some people need to just be content with being fans. That being said, I will be a little bit hurt if no one there puts me on a “Smack Cam.”

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