‘The Flip Side’ Creator Jay Diaz Talks Stereotypes, What’s Next For Season Two [INTERVIEW]


Last year, Jay Diaz created a hilarious viral video that made fun of not only gym culture but also gender roles. In the video, guys talk about their yoga regimen and the girls hit on the cute guys at the gym. The video was part of the first season of Yahoo’s “The Flip Side,” a comedy web series that pokes fun at such cultural misconceptions and gender stereotypes.

Yahoo just released the trailer for season two of “The Flip Side,” which will premiere this September. Some of the skits featured in the trailer include a husband asking his wife’s opinion on how he looks, a lady offering to pay for a date and grown adults acting like kids at a birthday party.

Diaz reached out to NMR about how “The Flip Side” began, what stereotypes the audience loved most and what viewers can expect from season two.

How did you come up with a series that turns common stereotypes around?

Jay Diaz: “The Flip Side” came from a script I wrote about four years ago. Then, it was just a straightforward script that observed the bar scene and how men and women act. We sat on the script for two years and then it just came to me: “What if we switched the roles?” It seemed like a great idea to explore so we went with it.

What has changed from season two as opposed to the first season? What can we expect from the latest season in terms of which stereotypes you’ll flip?

We are bigger and better than ever! We always try to make the best content possible. Season one gave us the stepping stones to what worked and what didn’t. But overall it was a great achievement and we know we had to go bigger this season. This season, we’re taking on a lot of stereotypes between men and women, such as how they undertake social media, date night, clubbing, vacations, etc. We’re also doing other role reversals like a kid/adult birthday party, and cats and dogs.

You started the series on YouTube and have moved on to Yahoo. Why has putting your series on Yahoo been a great fit for you?

YouTube is a great platform. It’s where we started and it allowed us to build a great reputation in making content. But we were still small-time compared to the bigger YouTubers, and producing these kinds of videos has it’s production challenges. So we needed a platform that believed in what we were doing and could help us get our content to the quality we wanted to be. Yahoo did that for us, and we’ve built a great relationship. We work with them and not for them, which has made it a great collaboration.

Which of the stereotypes that you’ve covered worked well for you in the first season?

Everyone loves the gender role reversals; I think it really puts things in perspective. Our first video got a million views in the first week because everyone could relate to it. I think those are the most relatable to our audience.

How did last season work out for you in terms of getting views and twisting the stereotypes?

The first season was one of the top comedies for Yahoo. It’s difficult to go viral outside of YouTube, but we were able to accomplish it and generate over 15 million views. Our videos are very sharable and speaks to our audience. Whether they praise them or criticize them, there is a great conversation that our series brings up.

What does the future hold for “The Flip Side” and your web video career?

“The Flip Side” season two launches in early September, and we’re very excited! We would love to make more of them. In the meantime, we’ve been working with other networks getting into the digital space and developing content with them as well. It’s been a very exciting year for us, and we can’t wait to see what else is next.

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