The Full Vidcon Schedule August 1-3

Friday, August 2 — Day One

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8:00 am – 8:00 pm: Registration

9:00 am – 6:00 pm: VidCon Expo Hall, Signings — Hall A
Signings by:

9:00 am: Alex Goot; Charlie McDonnell and Michael Aranda

9:30 am: Sam Tsui

10:00 am: Sam Pepper; Joey Graceffa; Jimmy Wong, Meghan Camarena, David Camarena, Ashley Adams; Brittani Louise Taylor; Luke Conrad; DJ Flula

11:00 am: Smosh; Madilyn Bailey; King The Kid

12:00 pm: Troye Sivan; Grace Helbig; BriBry; This Star Won’t Go Out; Megan Nicole; Hilly and Hannah Hindi; Phil and Dan; The Hillywood Show

12:30 pm: Justine Ezarik

1:00 pm: Shane Dawson; Daneboe

2:00 pm: Smosh Games; Meekakitty and Nanalew; Eleventh Gorgeous; Charles and Alli Trippy; Miranda Sings; Emily Graslie and Michael Aranda; Hannah Hart; AwesomenessTV

2:30 pm: Tyler Ward

3:00 pm: Jimmy Tatro

9:00 am – 10:30 am: Kia Mainstage
Performances and Talks By:

Hank and John Green
Tyler Oakley and Hannah Hart
Jack and Finn
Madilyn Bailey
Mamrie Hart
Tyler Ward

10:30 am – 11:00 am: Break

11:00 am – 12:00 pm: Breakouts

Watch What Happens…at VidCon
Tyler Oakley & Andy Cohen

The Art and Science of Slow Motion Video with Gavin of TheSlowMoGuys and Destin of Smarter Every Day
Job Hunters

Creating a Hit Show on YouTube: What’s Working and Why in 2013
Ben Relles, Head of Programming Strategy and Founder of Barely Political, YouTube

Meet-Up: Squaresville Live!

Shoot it Fast and Awesome with Joe Nation

Support Through Numbers: Collaborations
Nikki Limo, YouTube Creator
Panel: “Jason Horton, YouTube Creator; Steve Greene, Creator of SteveGreeneComedy; Taryn Southern, Founder, Co. Lab Media Group: Tony Valenzuela, Creator of BlackBoxTV; Denise Kass, Creator of DeniseVlogs”

Meet-Up: ShayTards and Epic Rap Battles of History
Panel: ShayCarl, Katilette and their kids Sontard, Princesstard, Babytard, and Rocktard, Shaytards; Nice Peter and EpicLloyd, ERB

Meet-Up: Hank & John

Meet-Up: Cast of Annoying Orange
Panel: Dane Boe, iJustine, Toby Turner, Kevin Brueck, Spencer Grove, Bobjenz, Aaron Massey

How I Make Videos
Ricky Ray Butler, Plaid Social
Panel: Mike Rugnetta, PBS Idea Channel; Craig Benzine, Creator of WheezyWaiter; Cassey Ho, Creator of Blogilates

12:00 – 12:30 pm: Lunch Break

12:30 – 1:30 pm: Breakouts

Meet-Up: Special screening with Charlie McDonnell
Charlie McDonnell

Meet-Up: Rhett & Link “Mythical Beast Gathering”
Panel: Rhett & Link, Internetainers, Rhett & Link LLC

We are AwesomenessTV!
Hunter March, Awesomeness TV, HunterMarchFilms1Panel: Andrea Russett, AwesomenessTV, AndreaRussett; JennxPenn, AwesomenessTV, Jennxpenn; Josh Leyva, AwesomensesTV, YoMuscleBoii; JStuStudios, AwesomenessTV, JStuStudios; Lia Marie Johnson, AwesomenessTV, LiaMarieJohnson; Teala Dunn, AwesomenessTV, tealaxx2;Ingrid Nilsen, BigFrame, MissGlamorazzi; Mikey Bolts, BigFrame, AwesomenessTV, michaelbalalis;

Meet-Up: Meekakitty and Nanalew
Panel: Meekakitty; Nanalew

Creating Your Visual Brand with Effective Graphic Design
Alex Finis, Freelance Illustrator
Panel: Andrew Gunadie, Creator of Gunnarolla; Vondell Swain, Graphic Designer; Adam Levermore, Graphic Designer, TableTop, Welcome to Sanditon; Karen Kavett, Graphic Designer

Meet up: The Brain Scoop
Panel: Michael Aranda, Emilie Graslie

Meet-Up: Vaginal Fantasies
Panel: Felicia Day; Bonnie Burton; Veronica Belmont; Kiala Kazebee

When Crowdfunding Attacks
Liz Miller, Freelance Writer
Panel: ShayCarl; Freddie Wong; Hannah Hart; Jon Enge and Tom Lipka, Creators, Mars Rising

The ‘Becoming YouTube’ Panel
Panel: Benjamin Cook, NineBrassMonkeys; Jack Harries & Finn Harries, JacksGap: Tom Milsom, Hexachordal; Tom Ridgewell, TomSka; Lex Croucher, tyrannosauruslexxx; Jack Howard & Dean Dobbs, OMFGItsJackAndDean

The Art of Saying No
Glenn Ginsberg, Principle, AllianceCMPanel: Larry Shapiro, Fullscreen; Kassem G, Naomi Lennon, President, Naomi Lennon Management Inc.; Max Polisar, Head of Sales, Big Frame; Philip DeFranco

1:30 pm -2:00 pm: Break

2:00 pm – 3:00 pm: Breakouts

Fiveawesomegirls REUNION!
Panel: Kristina Horner, italktosnakes; Lauren Maggiacomo, devilishlypure; Kayley Hyde, owlssayhooot; Hayley Hoover, hayleyghoover; Liane Graham, lianeandthemusic

Get the Most Out of YouTube–for Creators
Panel: Dror Shimshowitz, YouTube Creator Product; Bing Chen, YouTube Creator Development; Kate Berland, YouTube Partner Marketing; Courtney Lischke, YouTube Content Strategy

From Jump Cuts to Dialogue: Editing for Online Video
Adorian Deck
Panel: Andre Meadows, Creator of BlackNerdComedy; Brittani Louise Taylor, YouTube Filmmaker, Actress, Artist; Lisa Schwartz, Creator of Lisbug

Max Wallace, Creator of HeySticks
Panelist: Christine, Creator of Polandbananas20; Amanda, Creator of ShesSoMickey; Sadie, Creator of SadieTeachesThings; Steve, Creator of FizzyLimon; Lucy, Creator of MeowItsLucy

Meet-Up: The Lizzie Bennet Diaries Reunion

Meet-Up: Luke Conard, Joey Graceffa,Sawyer Hartman

Meet-Up: Tyler Oakley

Meet Up: Taco Bell and Our 2nd Life
Panel: Connor Franta; Sam Pottorff; Kian Lawley; Ricky Dillon; Jc Caylen; Trevor Moran

How I Make Videos
Tamara Krinsky, Actress, Host, WGAW New Media Program Manager
Panel: Taryn Southern, Founder, Co. Lab Media Group; Chester See; Niko Pueringer and Sam Gorski, Creators of CorridorDigital; Glozell Green; Elliott Morgan, Host, SourceFed

3:30 pm – 5:00 pm: Kia Mainstage
Performances and Talks By:

iJustine and Michael Buckley
Thirst Project
Nick Pitera
Josh Sundquist
Felicia Day
Zoella, Marcus Butler, PointlessBlog and more!

5:00pm – 9:00pm: VidCon Festival – Grand Plaza

JC Caylen
Sam Pottorff
Kian Lawley
Connor Franta
Trevor Moran
Ricky Dillon
Joey Gatto
Lexxi Saal
Ryan Abe
Daily Grace
Jason Horto
Ethan Newberry
Steve Greene
Nikki Limo
Peter Gilroy
Boy Band Project
Toddrick Hall
Joey Graceffa
Keenan Cahill
Dave Days

9:00 pm – 11:00 pm: Concert Series

Julia Nunes
Kina Grannis
Christina Grimmie
We the Kings
The Gregory Brothers

11:00 pm – 1:00 am: VidCon Dance Party

DJ Gio
Jesse from PVP

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