The Full Vidcon Schedule August 1-3

Saturday August 3 — Day Two

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8:00 am – 8:00 pm Registration

9:00 am -6:00 pm: Vidcon Expo Hall, Signings – Hall A
Signings By:

9:00 am: Charlie McDonnell, Michael Aranda and Liam Dryden; Zoe Sugg, Louise Pentland and Tanya Burr; Kingsley, Hank and John Green

10:00 am: Smosh; Josh Sundquist; Evelina Barry; Davey Wavey; Kristina Horner; Julia Nunes; Steam Powered Giraffe

11:00 am: Mitchell Davis

11:30 am: Conner Manning

12:00 pm: Steve Kardynal; Tiffany Alord; Dulce Candy; Lizzie Bennet Diaries; Davey Wavey

1:00 pm: Alfie Deyes; Caspar Lee; Jim Chapman; Joe Sugg; Marcus Butler; Tyler Oakley; VGHS & Freddie Wong

2:00 pm: Gregory Brothers; Rebecca Black; My Music Cast; Felix Kjellberg; Rhett & Link; Philip DeFranco & SourceFed

2:00 pm: Polished

3:30 pm: Shane Dawson

9:00 am – 10:30 am: Kia Mainstage
Performances and Talks By:

Rhett & Link
The Fine Brothers
Peter Hollens
The Hillywood Show
Hank Green
Toby Turner

10:30 am – 11:00 am: Break

11:00 am – 12:00 pm: Breakouts

Collaborate With a YouTube Star. Like Right Now.
Ben Relles, Head of Programming Strategy and Founder of Barely Political, YouTube
Panel: Mark Douglas, Barely Political; Sam Pepper; Jesse Wellens, Prank vs. Prank; Many More

Networks and Independent and Everything in Between
Dominic Smales, Gleam Digital
Panel: Larry Shapiro, FullScreen; Elle Walker, WhatsUpELLE; Tay Zonday, Stephanie Horbaczewski, StyleHaul CEO; Bing Chen, Global Creator Development & Management Lead, YouTube

Meet-Up: This Star Won’t Go Out

Deconstructing the Contract: What you MUST Know.
George Ruiz, Intelligent Artists, Bedrocket
Panel:Sarah Passe, CAA, Avi Ghandi, William Morris Entertainment; David Tochterman, Innovative Artists; Naomi Lennon, President, Naomi Lennon Management Inc.; Dane Boe, Creator of The Annoying Orange

Meet-Up: Geek & Sundry Vlogs
Panel: Paul Mason; Nika Harper; Amy Dallen; Neil McNeil; and other special guests

Succeeding with a Niche Channel
Benny Luo, New Media Rockstars
Panel: Andre Meadows, Creator of BlackNerdComedy; Household Hacker; Meghan Tonjes

Meet-Up: Philip DeFranco

Meet-Up: Rebecca Black

Being LGBT on YouTube: Challenges and Rewards
Star and Jet, Co-Creators of The Wing Girls
Panel: Davey Wavey; Tyler Oakley; Hannah Hart; Jenn Akroff Creator of Lesbian Answers; Meg Turney, Host, SourceFed

12:00pm – 12:30pm: Lunch Break

12:30 pm- 1:30pm: Breakouts

Meet-Up: Olga Kay

Musical Comedy Meet-UpPanel: GloZell Green; Timothy De LaGhetto; Ricky Shucks; Chester See

How Much Am I Worth: Understanding YouTube Monetization and Determining Your Channel’s Value
Andy Stack, Partner Product Manager, YouTube

Cinematography: More Than Pointing a Camera
Michael Gallagher, Creator of Totally Sketch
Panel: Jared Hoy, Cinematographer, Video Game Reunion, eNERDgency; Jan-Michael Losada, Cinematographer, School of Thrones; Bobby Lam, Cinematographer, ElfQuest, Squaresville; Rhett and Link”

Meet-Up: The Gregory Brothers

I /Have/ to Live in LA?
Burnie Burns, RoosterTeeth
Panel: Jose Romero, Creator of WHATDAFAQSHOW; Veronica Belmont, Host, Tekzilla; Hank Green, Co-Creator of Vlogbrothers; ShayCarl

Meet-Up: My Music Cast Reunion!


Meet-Up: SourceFed

How I Make Videos
Josh Cohen, Tubefilter
Panel: Kevin Tancharoen, Creator of Mortal Kombat Legacy; 5SecondFilms; Wong Fu Productions; Chris Thompson, Creator of SupRicky06

1:30pm – 2:00pm: Break

2:00pm – 3:00pm: Breakouts

The Tipping Point
Kevin Winston, DigitalLA
Panel: Steve Greene, YouTube Comedian); Olga Kay; Austin Null, Creator of The Nive Nulls; Margaret Laney, Chief Marketing Officer, AwesomenessTV; Damian Sanders, Makemebad35

Internet for the Mind: Educational Content on YouTubeAngela Lin, Education Content Partnership Manager, YouTube
Panel: Destin, Creator of Smarter Every Day; John Green, Co-Creator of Vlogbrothers; Veritasium; Emily Graslie, The Brain Scoop

Tips and Tools for High End Production on a Budget
Marc Hustvedt, Chill
Panel: Sean Becker, Director of The Guild, Chatroom of Solitude; Alex Albrecht, Creator of Voltron: The End; Niko Pueringer and Sam Gorski, Creators of CorridorDigital; Devin Graham, Creator of DevinSupertramp; Oren Williams, Sr. Manager of Business Development, Dolby

Comedy Meet-Up: Screenings and Q&A
Panel: Steve Greene, SteveGreeneComedy; Ed Bassmaster; VitalyzdTv; BartBaker; MIchael Gallagher,Totally Sketch

With Great Viewership Comes Great Responsibility
Josh Cohen, Tubefilter
Panel: Lori Earl, This Star Won’t Go Out; Seth Maxwell, Thirst; Hank Green, Project for Awesome; Scott Hannah and Tyler Gregory, NO BULL

An Awesome and Inclusive New Industry
Scott Albert, Tights and Fights: Ashes
Panel: Glozell Green; Al Thompson, Creator of Lennox Avenue; Wasabi Productions; Ashley Planks, Director of Forefront

Shane Dawson and Friends LIVE Podcast with Surprise Guest

Meet-Up: DailyGrace, Hannah Hart, Marmie
Panel: Grace Helbig, DailyGrace; Hannah Hart, MyDrunkKitchen; Mamrie Hart, YouDeserveADrink

How I Make Videos
Kevin Winston, DigitalLA
Panel: Jose Romero, Creator of WHATDAFAQSHOW); Peter Hollens, Musican, YouTube Creator; Joe Penna, Creator of MysteryGuitarMan

3:30pm – 5:00pm: Kia Mainstage
Performances and Talks By:

Hank and John Green
Ze Frank
Shay Carl
Simon Pierro
Epic Meal Time
Corey Vidal

5:00pm – 9:00pm: Vidcon Festival

9:00pm – 11:00pm: Concert Series

Chester See
Meghan Tonjes
Timothy DeLaGhetto
Epic Rap Battles (Signing following concert performance)
Driftless Pony Club
George Watsky

11:00pm – 1:00am: VidCon Dance Party brought to you by StyleHaul

Sunday, August 4 — Disneyland Day

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