The Fung Brothers Collaborate With Asian Super Market On Newest Video ‘Asians Eat Weird Things’

In conjunction with the release of their latest video, YouTube comedy duo David and Andrew Fung (The Fung Brothers) just announced that they will be collaborating with the Asian supermarket chain 99 Ranch Market to educate their audience about the often-misunderstood delicacies of Asian cuisine.

 Andrew told NMR:

“I’m down to try anything once, but that doesn’t mean I’ll eat it again. Any crazy food you can think of is being eaten everyday in another country by perfectly healthy people. Food is a great way to be introduced to an entire culture, and if you’re open-minded you’ll learn a lot. Prior to the filming of this video, I never tried balut (duck embryo). But I told AJ, ‘If you eat it with me, I’ll do it on camera’ and with no hesitation AJ got the balut and was ready to go. It ended up tasting pretty cool.”

Their latest parody video, “Asians Eat Weird Things,” captures the Fung Brothers rapping about the Asian cuisine they just can’t get enough of. The video also features YouTube musician AJ Rafael, YouTuber Jason Chen and Wong Fu’s Phil Wang and Wesley Chan. By partnering with 99 Ranch Market, the Fung Brothers will be showcasing many of the market’s products that they grew up loving as kids including stinky tofu and balut — a developing duck embryo considered a delicacy in the Philippines.

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“We grew up shopping at 99 Ranch with our parents, and where we grew up that was the most authentic Asian grocery store, so when we decided to make this music video, it was no question to which store we were going to reach out to and ask for some help.  99 Ranch provided a location to shoot and at sponsored the food. It was dope to work with them. My parents are finally proud of us,” Andrew said.

The Fung Brothers are best known for their YouTube parody videos that comment on the Asian American culture in the San Gabriel Valley. So bring on the duck feet and Yakult yogurt drinks and enjoy the brother’s latest video on their YouTube channel Fung Bros Comedy.

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