‘The Ring’ Prank Has Ghost Emerging From TV To Terrorize Sleeping Girlfriend [VIDEO]

I hate when a perfectly hilarious video slips through the cracks …

Every so often, some amazing video gets released and quietly goes viral before I have a chance to provide snarky commentary about it in some fashion. This video of a guy terrorizing his girlfriend is exactly the sort of YouTube buried treasure I’m talking about.

Released in April of this year, the footage shows how with a little ingenuity and puppetry, you can absolutely terrify someone to the point where they drop dead, certain that their nightmares have come alive to murder them. I wish I had this sort of motivation.

Copying what is easily the creepiest scene in the horror flick “The Ring,” the guy engineers a puppet of a ghost woman to appear to be crawling out of his slumbering girlfriend’s TV screen. Standing on the stairs above with wires, he is then able to manipulate the thing into “coming to life.” I don’t know who shits their pants harder — me from laughing or the girlfriend from crying. On behalf of cruel people everywhere, sir, we salute you.

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