The Top 10 Moments in VidCon History

What started out as a gathering of YouTube fanatics and creators in a Los Angeles hotel ballroom in 2010 has turned into the world’s largest online video industry conference. In its three-year existence, VidCon has been a hub not only for content creators to connect with their super fans, but also an avenue for online video businesses to network and introduce new products and content.

Along the way, many milestones have been made at the influential event from important product announcements to ridiculous content creator appearances. Check out NMR’s top 10 moments coming from VidCon.

10. Rebecca Black’s Signing At VidCon 2012

One of the more interesting signings from VidCon 2012 was for Rebecca Black. The lines stretched all the way to the entrance for the YouTube sensation best known for her less-than-stellar song and music video “Friday.” What’s even more ridiculous was the signing event happened on, wait for it, a Friday. Even though her subsequent YouTube work has not made as much of an impact as of late, the fact that she’s the girl who sang “Friday” speaks volumes as to why people wanted to see her at VidCon.

9. YouTube Announces Creator Hub At VidCon 2011


VidCon is also an important place for significant YouTube updates, and the video-streaming site announced at VidCon 2011 their new YouTube Creator Hub, a site dedicated to simplifying partner communications. The new hub included the YouTube Creator Blog, tutorial programs and the YouTube Creator Playbook, which outlined best practices for content creators.

8. Kids React Live On Stage

One of the most popular segments from VidCon 2011 was The Fine Bros bringing the kids from their “Kids React …” web series on stage. The kids shared their thoughts about all the videos they got to see and how they felt seeing other kids react to videos with the VidCon audience. The Fine Bros video “Kids React Live On Stage at Vidcon 2011” has been seen more than 821,000 times.

7. Ze Frank’s Keynote Speech At The First VidCon


John Green called legendary YouTube Ze Frank’s keynote speech “the most astonishingly brilliant” keynote he’s ever heard, and for good reason. The YouTuber discussed how being authentic is “hard work” and that YouTubers don’t make videos just to make money and get subscribers, but to connect with their audiences.

6. VidCon Gets Bigger Digs


The Hyatt Regency Century Plaza hotel was too small for the first two VidCon events, which were sold out. VidCon 2012 was the first year they used the Anaheim Convention center as their venue, which means more capacity to handle the anticipated crowds. Last year’s VidCon boasted 7,000 attendees and the crowd for this year’s event is expected to reach around 10,000.

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