The Trayvon Martin Tragedy: Top 5 YouTube Video Reactions to the George Zimmerman Verdict

After a Florida jury on Saturday night found neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman not guilty of murdering 17-year-old Trayvon Martin after a violent encounter, many on social media took to Facebook and Twitter to show their support for Trayvon and his family. They gave various reasons to oppose the verdict ranging from racism to the absurdity of “Stand Your Ground” laws. Hashtags like #Trayvon and #JusticeForTrayvon have been trending since the verdict was reached.

Some YouTubers have expressed their reactions to the Trayvon Martin case by posting vlogs in the aftermath of the trial. Here are the top 5 YouTube reactions to the Trayvon Martin verdict.

5. Why George Zimmerman Was Found Not Guilty

4. It’s Not Guilty (We Should Be Weeping)

3. Kain Carter’s Reaction To Zimmerman Found Not Guilty

2. Todrick Hall Talks Trayvon Martin

1. Austin Null Reacts To The Trayvon Martin Tragedy

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