The World Rejoices As Jenna Marbles Releases Line of Dog Toys Dedicated To Her Pups Kermie & Mr. Marbles

After a year of preparation, Jenna Marbles recently unveiled to fans her line of dog toys in the molds of her beloved Italian greyhound Kermie and chihuahua Mr. Marbles. The plush toys — complete with built in squeaker for hours of fun — are roughly proportional to the size of Marble’s real-life pups, with Kermie Worm standing at 9 inches tall and 10 inches long, and Mr. Marbles sizing up at 8 inches tall and 6 inches wide. Marbles comments about her new line of toys:

“I’m so excited that Kermie Worm and Mr. Marbles are finally here! The fans have been asking for them forever. I’m so happy that everyone loves them as much as I do!”

Interested in purchasing your own furry children? Marbles is offering fans different bundle packages including both dogs for $27.00 and a puppy liter — six puppies for the price of five — for $67.50. So shop away, Marble fans, and give these pups a sweet home today.

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