Thicke Beats Thin: The 5 Best ‘Blurred Line’ Parodies [VIDEOS]

It’s officially become “a thing” to figure out whatever the hot trend is and then emulate it ad nauseum. Eventually that thing is no longer cool to emulate (at which point the Miami Heat will come in and make a version).

The problem is, nobody can quite agree what the next “thing” is — is it Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop”? Is it “twerking?” Is it raccoon throwing? No one knows. And so YouTube expands at an incredible rate as would-be comedy troupes and fame-hungry tweens load video after video in a desperate bid to suck up some exposure for themselves.

I happen to have the inside track in knowing that parodies of Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” video have been the hottest b*tch in this place though. And let me assure you, everyone seems to have that inside track, as seemingly everyone has made a version of it.

Still, if it works, it works. And these five versions of “Blurred Lines” are arguably the best of what is out there.

5. “Adult Baby” Version

There are more than a few terrible parodies and covers of “Blurred Lines,” but none is so batshit insane and epically baffling as this performance by old-ass man dressed up as a baby girl. Complete with racist doll from a bygone era, this video alone justifies the NSA and their wiretapping. You want to know who they’re keeping tabs on? It’s this guy — hopefully they nab him before he can get into your nightmares and feed on your innocence. Easily this video is one of the best of the worst things I’ve ever seen.

4. Aja Dang #Hungry Girl

Not just a cover, like so many of the parodies are, this one actually goes the Weird Al route, but manages to keep the sexy girls intact. Only now, they’re the ones doing the singing, and what they love is food. “Hungry Girl,” while it doesn’t exactly sound like “Blurred Lines” still is a clever and well-shot ode to eating crappy food. At least stay tuned until the girl sings “donut” in a deep voice. It will make you laugh and get your motor started all at the same time.

3. Jimmy Kimmel Invades The Video Shoot

While technically the funniest of all the “Blurred Lines” parodies, this one featuring Jimmy Kimmel and his assistant Guillermo loses some points because of the access. Jimmy’s connections actually facilitated that he got Robin Thicke and Pharrell and the dancer girls to come out for a spoof of the video in which Jimmy pests them during the shoot. It’s a lot easier to be funny when you have unlimited means with which to do so, and for that, this video anchors everything firmly from the three spot. But watch it still, because it’s pretty goddamn good.

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