Thicke Beats Thin: The 5 Best ‘Blurred Line’ Parodies [VIDEOS]

2. Bill Clinton Busts Out

BaracksDubs has a license to print money with this cool take on celebrity covers. Quick-cutting together a host of Bill Clinton speeches, he’s made the former president offer up his own warbled version of “Blurred Lines.” I’d speculate that maybe he put more work into it than the joke was worth, but he’s pulled over a million views from it, so what the hell do I know?

1. Mod Carousel “Boylesque” Version

Mod Carousel has gotten a shit ton of press because everyone feels like they “cracked the code” and turned the original video on its head by empowering the women and objectifying the men. But that isn’t why I put their version at the top of my list. No, this Seattle-based “Boylesque” troupe just made an outright sexy video featuring glam boys voguing and posing. And I dig it. In fact, Robin Thicke, if he was bold enough to go that direction, should have employed this technique himself. It would have been the talked about video of the year instead of just the summer. And it might have knocked some of the “rapey” vibe off the song.

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