Top 5 Video Tips to Overcome Your Hangover Train Wrecks from Daily Grace, Epic Meal Time and Hannah Hart

So yesterday you celebrated our country’s Independence Day, right? First, you had a drink, and then your drink had a drink, and before you knew it, a group of Abraham Lincoln impersonators were taking body shots off you while you sang the “Star Spangled Banner” at the top of your lungs.

Sure last night you felt like you were on top of the world, but today, you’ve awoken with neither your dignity or your ability to move your body with your head exploding. Come morning you’ve officially descended into the eighth circle of hell better known as The Hangover — a place where dreams, innocence and self-respect go to die.

In these moments of physical torture, the best thing we can do is drag ourselves to the closest breakfast burrito establishment and eat everything in sight. But should you be looking for other hangover alternatives, NMR has created a list of the five best hangover advice videos created by YouTubers such as Daily Grace, Epic Meal Time and Hannah Hart. So next time the hangover demon comes a-knocking, you’ll know exactly what to do.

5. ASAPscience

Science’s remedy: water before, during and after drinking; and a post hangover breakfast of eggs, bananas and fruit juice. Can’t beat the simplicity of that.

4. How To Cure A Hangover [Street Swipe]

And who better to ask about hangovers than the Irish themselves? YouTubers Chris and Peter from Final Boss Media take to the streets of Galway, Ireland, to find out from the locals the best hangover cures. Not surprisingly, close to 80 percent of those polled recommended drinking more. Gotta love the Irish.

3. Hannah Hart

As Hannah best puts it, “Sorry kidneys, this life is lose, lose for you.” The My Drunk Kitchen’s solution for your hangover demon: cowboy toast and Irish coffee.

2. Daily Grace

Ladies this one is for you. As Daily Grace can attest, the number one thing women tend to lose during a night of drinking is their phone and wallet. So should you wake up with both those items still in your possession, you’ve already won half the hangover battle.

1. Epic Meal Time

Not to be outdone by the YouTubers before them, The Epic Meal Time group conquers their hangovers with more cocktails and a triple stack of pancakes made from donuts, cookies and bacon. So if you didn’t vomit before your hangover, their creation will definitely get you there the second time around.

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