Tuna the Dog Bewitches 400k Instagram Followers With Rescue Story & Photos Of Her Unconventional Beauty

Tuna the Chiweenie — that is a Chihuahua/dachshund mix for those of you that don’t watch dog shows in your spare time — has become a minor Instagram celebrity after his rescue mom Courtney Dasher began Instagramming photos of the pint size dog who was born with a severe overbite.

As a puppy, Tuna was abandoned on the side of a road near San Diego and later taken to a farmers’ market where he was put up for adoption. Courtney originally decided to only foster the traumatized pup, but upon taking him in, instantly fell in love and decided to give him a permanent home. Tuna’s severe overbite is suspected to be the result of inbreeding and resembles that of fellow Instagram superstar Princess Monster Truck — a cat with fierce eyes and an underbite to match.

Tuna treats his 460,000 Instagram followers to photos of his daily activities which include swimming lessons, playing tug a war with his mum and helping design his own t-shirts. In celebration of his third birthday, Tuna and his mom Courtney are selling Tuna tshirts found here and will be donating part of the proceeds to animal rescue efforts.

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