Twerking is The Secret To Viral Success For Simple Pickup [VIDEO]

I’m not entirely sure what a video about three hot-ass chicks shaking their asses around San Francisco has to do with a YouTube page dedicated to guys using outside-the-box pickup lines, but I am also not complaining.

The Simple Pickup crew has stumbled onto the secret of a viral video in this Miley Cyrus-fueled generation, and that secret is, pleasantly, the twerk.

According to the Simple Pickup guys:

“We’ve always wanted to do a twerking video, but we can’t twerk for shit. So we found a few big bootied girls to step in for us. These girls had NO SHAME, which made this video awesome.”

([Jeff licks invisible barbecue sauce off his fingers] Ain’t no shame in shakin’ what your momma gave ya.

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