UK May Develop A Ratings System For Online Videos Similar To Motion Picture Ratings


Will the latest Smosh video be rated PG or PG-13? A rating system similar to the ones used for motion pictures may soon be implemented in the United Kingdom, the Daily Mail reported.

The British Board of Film Classification, the body responsible for censoring and rating films in the United Kingdom, is looking into a crowdsourced rating system where users can help classify some online content for public viewing. They want to make sure that the harmful and inappropriate content online doesn’t reach children.

The body is trying to devise what it calls a “traffic light” system where online users are warned about the videos they are about to view. Viewers would contribute to the system by giving their descriptions of the material, while other viewers can give their thoughts on the ratings. The online rating system would also be customized for different countries with diverse sensibilities on content.

As for what constitutes the “traffic light” system, a green rating would be equivalent to a U or Universal and Parental Guidance rating, an amber rating to the 12, 12A and 15 ratings and a red rating would be the equivalent of the 18 and R18 ratings.

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