VidCon 2013: 8 Panels Every Creator Should Check Out On Day 1


Residents of Anaheim, California, brace yourselves. In 30 days, expect your city to be flooded with every manner of vlogger and YouTube enthusiast. Like rivers of blood and frogs raining from the sky, soon you will find the streets of Anaheim littered with phantom SD cards and iPhone chargers — grim reminders that VidCon 2013 is upon you.

Some tips on how to make it through the impending VidConocalypse:

1) When people ask you how many subs you have, say, “Who looks at subs anymore?” You’ll seem more legit that way. 2) When asked who you are most excited to hang out with at VidCon, feel free to pick from one of the hundreds of confirmed creators including, Smosh, Philip DeFranco, iJustine, Felicia Day, Hannah Hart and Shay Carl. 3) If anyone asks you what panels you are psyched for, why not mention the recently announced session with Tyler Oakley and Andy Cohen? Oakley and Cohen will be discussing Bravo’s hit web series turned late-night talk show “Watch What Happens Live,” which Cohen hosts.

There you have it, three foolproof ways to avoid looking like a poseur at VidCon 2013. However, industry talk isn’t the only way to prove your street cred; you’ll need to know what panels everyone plans on attending. Luckily, NMR has got your back like so many tortoise shells. Below, you can find the panels that every creator should be at this year.

Friday, August 2

11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Creating a Hit Show on YouTube: What’s Working and Why in 2013

The title alone sums up why creators should be at this panel. Plus, it’s hosted by Ben Relles, founder of Barely Political. So, it’s safe to say that he Relles knows what he is talking about.

Shoot it Fast and Awesome with Joe Nation

No one knows quick, on-the-fly shooting better than Joe Nation. During the panel, Joe will offer tips and tricks on shooting fast with great lighting and editing. The panel’s last 15 minutes will feature a crowd-sourced “interrogation scene,” which will showcase Joe’s techniques firsthand.

Supporting Through Numbers: Collaborations

Pretty standard but informative stuff with this one. Jason Horton, Taryn Southern and a whole cast of other creators will be explaining the best practices to use when setting up and conceptualizing collaborations between creators.

12: 30 pm – 1:30 pm

The Ins and Out of Shooting at YouTube Space LA

The Fine Bros. with Olga Kay and 5-Second Films will be speaking about the newly minted YouTube Space L.A. The panel promises that attendees will be able to, “Meet the creators who make YouTube Space LA come alive and learn about how you you can be a part of this growing community.”

When Crowdfunding Attacks

More than ever creators are turning to sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo to fund their projects. However, there are several downsides to this style of fundraising. Creators Shay Carl and Hannah Hart — both of whom have had very successful campaigns — will be discussing this very topic.

The Art of Saying No

This may be the most interesting panel of the day as it will focus primarily on how creators should handle third party offers. Panelists KassemG, Philip DeFranco and Larry Shapiro of Fullscreen are veterans in this industry and will have a wealth of info to share with young creators who may be approached with new entertainment opportunities.

2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Get the Most Out of YouTube – for Creators

With a panel made up entirely of YouTube bigwigs like Bing Chen and Kate Berland, this session will address all of the ins and outs of developing content on YouTube. Topics covered will include: “how to get help with your problems and questions at YouTube, how YouTube’s sales team is working to increase the revenue on your channel, and how to build your channel through creator development programs or working in the YouTube Space.” For anyone who has questions for YouTube, don’t miss this panel.

From Jump Cuts to Dialogue: Editing for Online Video

It’s a fairly simple idea, but if done incorrectly jump cut editing can end disastrously. Creators Brittani Louise Taylor and filmmaker Lisa Schwartz are helping young YouTubers navigate the murky depths of quick video editing in this informative panel.


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