VidIQ Adds New Platform Features For Multi-Channel Networks to Share Insights With Creators


YouTube marketing company VidIQ announced Thursday that it has launched two new updates specifically aimed at helping multi-channel networks (MCNs) connect with its content creators on their VidIQ platform.

VidIQ has included Network Manager, where MCN admins can get their content creators to share and analyze valuable insights into how their channels are performing. Content creators and MCN admins can view statistics like video views, search volumes and social media performance. Another new feature, White Label Support, lets MCNs customize the VidIQ experience with customized branding like logos and other applications for their partners.

Gabe Polk, director of growth for VidIQ, told NMR about the new features: “Up until this point if MCNs wanted to offer software to their creators they had to develop their own proprietary tools/dashboards in-house, which costs a lot of money in development costs and is a difficult undertaking. We’ve worked with networks like Revision3 to create tools specifically aimed at MCNs, so they can offer their creators VidIQ’s entire suite of YouTube marketing tools which help drive channel growth.”

While VidIQ boasts more than 8,000 channels as its customers, it may have trouble courting larger multi-channel networks to use its software. Fullscreen recently launched its own creator platform that helps its creators understand the analytics and statistics behind their subscriptions and views.

See the changes made to VidIQ in the images below.


VidIQ White Label Support


VidIQ Network Manager.

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