Viral Facebook Birthday Invite Sparks Massive Trashing of Northern Irish Home


File this under not knowing about Facebook’s byzantine privacy settings. A Northern Irish family will be keeping their parties to a bare minimum after a viral Facebook invite turned into a night of mayhem.

What started out as a small birthday of about 10 people for the teenaged son of a Belfast woman turned into an out-of-control soirée when a stranger posted the details of the party on his Facebook page. Nearly two hours later, a few hundred people gathered at the home and surrounded the place.

The woman, who did not identify herself, told the BBC: “My dining room table was smashed, there were cigarette butts in my bath, the bath was kicked in. They actually stole the food out of my fridge.”

She added that people involved in sectarian violence were involved in trashing her home. Northern Ireland has a long history of violence between loyalists in favor of remaining in the United Kingdom and nationalists who favor a united Ireland.

After seeing the total destruction unfold right before their very eyes, I’m pretty sure these kids will never, ever, ever use Facebook for party invites again.

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