Viral Video Shows Passed-Out Woman Who Used Fellow Passenger As A Human Pillow

Steve Cullum had a first-hand experience at just what “too close for comfort” on an airplane is really like.

On a recent flight from Baltimore to Manchester, N.H., his seatmate started to take a nap. Soon, she started to lean towards him and ended up using him as a pillow. Cullum tried to push her back to her seat, but she kept leaning back.

Instead of going into “air rage” mode, he did something completely different. Cullum decided to film the awkward situation and post it on YouTube.

He explained in his video description why he filmed it and didn’t complain about his seatmate to the flight attendant: “People have been asking why I didn’t notify a flight attendant. The flight attendants were not allowed to get up during this flight, due to turbulence. They told us not to use our call buttons unless it was a medical emergency.”

The sleeping woman eventually moved away from him and slept on a nearby passenger.

The lesson here from the video is when in doubt, share it on YouTube.

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