Want A Free Trip? Beer Company Gets Travelers To Play ‘Departure Roulette’ [VIDEO]

Heineken went to Terminal 8 at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport last week to get travelers to drop what they’re doing for a free vacation.

The catch? If they agreed to drop their scheduled plans, they would have to play a game called “Departure Roulette,” where they’d press a red button and and have it select an exotic destination for them. Once they pressed the red button, the green departure picked out destinations like Vientiane, Laos or Nicosia, Cyprus.

The game, which is featured in Heineken’s latest YouTube video, is tied in to their “Dropped” web series, which follows four men who are blindfolded and sent to random remote destinations around the world.

At least they didn’t have Pyongyang, North Korea as one of the exotic destinations.

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