‘We Are Not Trayvon Martin’ Tumblr Twists Popular Slogan, Fuels Talk on Civil Rights and White Privilege


While “We Are Not Trayvon Martin” may sound like a snarky anti-Trayvon Martin screed conservatives might use in response to the trending hashtag #IAmTrayvonMartin, it’s actually not. Rather, We Are Not Trayvon Martin is a Tumblr that features people of various backgrounds expressing outrage at Trayvon’s killer George Zimmerman’s acquittal last Saturday, and it is fueling discussion on civil rights, racial profiling and white privilege.

The Tumblr features submissions of people talking about their experiences with race and how they cannot comprehend why some people are treated differently because of their skin color. Overall, the people who submit to the Tumblr are outraged at what happened to the unarmed 17-year-old African-American teenager, who was killed by Zimmerman last February.


Joseph, one of the creators of the Tumblr, explained in a recent post that he and co-creator Tobias created it after attending a rally in New York City where people chanted “We are all Trayvon Martin.”

He said: “So much of the coverage and trial has been about race, Trayvon’s race, and what that meant for him. But all too often those of us who get the benefits of racism can’t see. We can’t see it because the world just appears normal. Living a ‘normal’ life means i don’t have to think about race. But race shapes my world as much as it shapes Trayvon’s, and it is my responsibility to see that and change that.”

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