Why Are UK Content Creators Such A Small Presence At This Year’s VidCon?


With more than 10,000 attendees and thousands of content creators and companies worldwide promoting their videos to the public, VidCon is an important event for companies and creators to make deals and connect with a diverse, global audience.

But while VidCon is arguably the world’s largest online video industry and fan conference, talent and online video companies from the United Kingdom — YouTube’s largest English-language market outside the United States — will only have a small delegation this year.

Big-name talent from the United Kingdom like JacksGap, Charlie McDonnell and Liam Dryden will take part in panels and signings, but companies involved in the online industry will only have a skeleton force at VidCon.

Charlie Muirhead, CEO of Rightster, explained his company’s involvement in this year’s VidCon to NMR: “Rightster are very excited about Vidcon and talking to content producers from North American as well as those who have travelled to Vidcon. Our U.S. and U.K. team are focused on supporting the ecosystem of Creators on YouTube and dedicated to building new audiences and revenue. Vidcon is an amazing event to listen to new needs and learn new about new innovations from both Creators and YouTube themselves.”

Even with the small presence of online video companies from the U.K. at VidCon, those that will have representatives at VidCon take the opportunity seriously. Daniel Fisher, chief operating officer of Viral Spiral, a London-based talent agency that helps discover the latest YouTube talent that counts Rightster as one of its partners, will be attending VidCon this year and said it is a great way for his company to connect and find opportunities in online video.

He said: “We are always keen to attend VidCon because it helps us keep our finger on the pulse on this side on the pond and also gives us an opportunity to meet more U.S. talent and look for European, south American and Asian brand and creative deals for those YouTubers, which is where we can add a lot of value and fill a gap in the U.S. It also allows us to catch up with the management of U.S. YouTube businesses.”

As for why many YouTube creators and production companies in the U.K. and other countries aren’t coming to VidCon this year, he pointed out many factors, including the fact that the North American YouTube market is 9 to 12 months ahead of the U.K. Market.

Fisher explained: “Obviously it is a long journey [to VidCon from the U.K.]. It is not marketed heavily in the U.K., and the U.S. market is the epicenter of the industry so it is slightly more mature as a market here.”

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