Will You Have Sex With Me? Guys And Girls Weigh In On The Age-Old Question [VIDEO]

YouTube sociological/prank channel Whatever has just answered the age-old question of sexually-speaking, who has it tougher: men or women? And like I’ve, drunkenly, been telling every girl I meet, us guys have it hard. Like, near impossibly hard (yes, this is usually my opening and closing line — particularly because I am also gesturing towards my p*nis when I say this). Whatever proves my (and every other guy’s) point succinctly by sending out two attractive people (one male, one female) to ask the question, “Would you have sex with me right now?”

If you watch the videos (and by all means, watch the videos), you will see that the guy asks 100 girls this question while the girl only has to ask 14. The results are heartwrenching. Of course, the guy only gets a cup of water thrown in his face, the girl gets the cops called by an almost parody-level shopkeep.

The bottom line is this: if a handsome dude like that can ask 100 girls to have sex with him and receive 100 no’s, what chance to dumpy creeps like me have? Well, dumpy creeps like you, I guess, because I’m already married (Jeff undulates pelvis and throws up dual middle fingers).

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