Would Not Eat – Sexy Pancake is Viral Thai Lady-boy [VIDEO]

There are “shims” I would get my “bajiggity” on with, and “shims” I would not get my “bajiggity” on with. Sexy Pancake star Niwat Sangwor is unfortunately the latter. Not to be confused with Soul Pancake, the hub of such innovative YouTube content as “Kid President,” Sexy Pancake is the Facebook page for Thailand’s newest sensation — a 25-year-old international transvestite superstar.

The page, which is run by Sangwor’s friend, Sura Narin, shows video and pictures of the transvestite, who goes by the nickname “Pancake,” dancing and posing in rural locations around the poverty-stricken country. Gathering over 556,000 likes in just under two months, the ex-laborer-turned-gender-twisted-superstar is now in high demand from television networks and dance clubs all over the globe. Damn, I wish my p*nis was doing something more than just getting me scorched by electric fences.

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