You Have the Right To Get F*cked Over: The 5 Worst Police Videos Online [VIDEOS]

The emergence of a second video regarding the shooting of a dog by Hawthorne police last week is said to more or less vindicate the officers involved, showing more of Leon Rosby’s interaction with police before one of them gunned down his dog. Rosby, who has had issues with police in the past, is definitely more confrontational, but defense lawyers involved with the case are claiming that the officer was “trigger happy” in his actions.

Right now, officers, who have one of the most thankless jobs on Earth, are getting a bad rap. Putting their collective asses on the line for the good of mankind, they seem to only make the news when something bad happens. And while I would love to write an article documenting all the heroic actions the police do on a daily basis, I really hate speeding tickets, but I really like speeding. So here are five other videos of the worst police ineptitude online:

5. Guy Passes The DUI Test With Flying Colors, Still Gets Busted

I really hope that someone watches this video without reading this little summation of it, because that way, they will be blown away by what seems like a textbook case of police overstepping their boundaries instead of what is, in actuality, a vid from “Reno 911.” But if you can’t have a little humor in a dark list like this, well then, that is what is meant by us “living in a police state.”

4. Axel Foley? Robocop? Detroit Police Suck Worse Than Detroit Crime

It takes Detroit police officers four hours to respond to this woman’s call regarding a home invasion robbery, and in this video, a local news reporter hangs out with the woman during the entire wait period, even having the time to go to McDonald’s twice and take a soak in the tub. One guy the reporter talked to had even had his car stolen that morning and nobody had ever shown up to deal with it. Call me a psychic, but I have the feeling that this is the shadiest reporter ever though — if I checked the back of his car, I feel like I would find a pawn shop worth of stolen goods. He’s just kind of an icky dude … if this is a Detroit reporter, everyone from Detroit not on the news must be truly terrifying.

3. Stadium Full of People Beat Brutal Cops

Rare is the video where the cops get what they deserve, but in this footage, taken from a soccer match, several cops get their asses handed to them by a mob after they attempt to beat a man for running onto the field. This just goes to show — if you’re going to abuse your power, do it where no one is watching. And in this day and age, good luck with that. GOOOOOAAAAAAAAL!

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