YouTube Analytics Update Lets Creators See Performance of Their Top 200 Videos


YouTube announced Thursday that it has improved its Analytics feature so content creators can know how well their channels and videos are performing.

Content creators can now see how their top 200 videos are doing under the new Analytics update, and multi-channel networks can see statistics from their top 200 channels. Besides letting content creators and multi-channel networks get more analytics from multiple videos and channels, the YouTube Analytics also features new graphs where content creators and multi-channel networks can see the performance of their content over time. The charts can be viewed as a line-chart, multi-line, stacked area or map.


YouTube’s latest Analytics update is one of many data improvements for content creators in the past couple of months made by the video-streaming site, multi-channel networks and independent companies for their marketing and analytics platforms. Fullscreen recently launched its Creator Platform where its creators can get real-time analytics as well as find ways to monetize their content.

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