YouTube Creator Brittani Louise Taylor Signs To Fullscreen Multi-Channel Network [INTERVIEW]


Back in January, the motley crew that is NMR headed to the North Hollywood library to spend a little quality time with YouTube beauty expert and the human version of this emoticon — 😀 — Brittani Louise Taylor.

At the time, Taylor was a creator with a rabid, rainbow-crazed fan base reaching far into the over 900,000 subscriber mark. Her blend of so-happy-I-could-burst-style content across her three channels — a comedy channel, a vlogging channel and a beauty channel — put Taylor on the map as one of YouTube’s most beloved stars.

Fast forward almost six months later, and those glitter-encrusted fans have increased exponentially as Taylor continually and consistently brightens the often gloomy countenance of web crawlers.

Things are about to get much more interesting for the young creator as it was announced today that Taylor, formerly of YouTube network Big Frame, has moved on to sign with multi-channel network Fullscreen.

You may have heard Fullscreen’s name in the news lately; the network just released a creator platform that has the digital video community buzzing with excitement.

NMR caught up with Taylor recently, who — radiating pure energy like the surface of the sun — explained why she chose Fullscreen and, of course, slow-motion flying kittens.

It’s been a while since we last spoke. What have you been up to?

Brittani Louise Taylor: I am with Fullscreen!

What are you hoping to get from this partnership with Fullscreen?

I think they are such a comprehensive network, and that’s awesome. Everyone has a specific job. I just like how hands-on they are. I think it will be good to grow my business in such a supportive environment.

Out of the dozens of multi-channel networks out there, why did you pick Fullscreen?

I’ve known George [Strompolos] since he was still working at YouTube, so I like to say it was only a matter of time before I went over there. George is the type of person who you could take away everything he owns and he would just start over and do it all again. He is a brilliant businessman and he is really smart and really kind. For me, he is someone I trust with my channel.

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