YouTube Death Hoax Lands Hong Kong Film Director In Hot Water [VIDEO]

The video is eerie and simple, like something you’d see in a horror film … because it is something from a horror film.

A bit of guerilla marketing for the upcoming Hong Kong horror film “Seven Things To Do Before Death” wound up with the director of the film, who posted the hoax to YouTube, arrested.

The video, filmed in Cantonese, shows a cryptic, paused iPhone 5 video image of what appears to be a terrified female. A male voice explains that he found the iPhone and was thinking about selling it, but this is the video he found inside. He then asks his fellow YouTubers what he should do and plays the video on the phone.

In the video within a video, a hysterical girl explains via a self-filmed explanation that all her friends are dead, and likely, soon, she will be too. She then apologizes to her mother, and we, the viewers, are left to speculate as to her fate. Of course, upset YouTubers contacted the police who then traced the IP address of the video back to the actress’ residence. Katie Hui Sum-yuet, the girl in the video, along with the director, were both arrested and released after they managed to convince police that it was all a promotional stunt that had gone a little too well.

In the end, we all learn a valuable lesson — ignore cries for help both online and real, because they are likely just a PR stunt. Especially in Hong Kong.

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