YouTube Graphic Designer Karen Kavett Shows You How To Create An Eye-Catching Video Thumbnail [VIDEO]

The always excellent Karen Kavett is back with another graphic design-inspired YouTube tutorial on how to create an awesome thumbnail. Karen is a freelance graphic designer when she isn’t uploading videos to her channel, so it is safe to say she knows what she is talking about.

In the event that your YouTube thumbnails were put together using MS Paint and/or clip art (you know who you are), then you will want to take a few pointers from Karen. And if you are a veteran YouTube creator, a quick Photoshop refresher never hurts.

Check out Karen’s video above for more graphic design tips and tricks. For those of you headed to VidCon next month, Karen will be a panelist on the “Creating Your Visual Brand with Effective Graphic Design” session.

Karen spoke to NMR about the upcoming panel saying: “You’ll learn all about graphic design at the Creating Your Visual Brand with Effective Graphic Design panel at VidCon. We’ll be bringing together several different perspectives on online design, so come prepared with your questions and get ready to take your channel’s branding to the next level!”

I expect to see amazing thumbnails from all of you now.


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