YouTube, Maker and Machinima: What Will These Three Giants Announce At VidCon 2013?


Ah speculation, is there any greater form of thought? Don’t answer that — it’s a rhetorical question, so you can stop yelling at your computer screen now.

Like any great gathering of entertainment mucky mucks, VidCon 2013 will almost certainly play host to more than a few groundbreaking announcements. After all, what better place to build hype around your unveiling than a convention center packed full of a targeted audience armed with Twitter and Facebook?

What will executives and networks be announcing this year? There have been signs all year that suggest big things are in the works for various networks, and given the big announcements issued at last year’s convention, VidCon 2013 should be a regular announcement-palooza.

Here is what we think YouTube’s biggest have in store for us.

Maker Studios Will Announce Their “YouTube Competitor”


We are entering major speculation territory here; tread with caution. Back in June, VidInk reported a rumor that Maker Studios was building a YouTube competitor. This tasty morsel was delivered by internet firestarter Jason Calacanis who announced that two YouTube competitors would emerge in the Fall.

The rumor turned out to be untrue as it was later reported by AdWeek that Maker is building a web platform that won’t be a YouTube competitor. The platform will most likely act as a third-party platform where Maker can air their exclusive video content similar to or

If Maker is going to be developing one of those two emerging Fall platforms, VidCon seems like the perfect place to, well, let it emerge.

Machinima Will Unveil Their Ridley Scott Project


In March, multi-channel gaming network Machinima and acclaimed director Ridley Scott announced that they would be teaming up to release 12 short sci-fi films. What little information was released about the projects stated that Scott would serve as executive producer for the films and oversee the process of picking directors.

After the initial press release was disseminated, any news of the collaboration dried up. Machinima, with the exception of some great new web shows, has remained relatively quiet all year in terms of big announcements. Could VidCon be the place Machinima finally unveils the fruits of their science fiction-infused labors?

YouTube Will Launch A New Slate of Paid Channels


Rumor has it that YouTube paid channels are not doing so well. Naturally, YouTube is going to want to refocus their efforts and relaunch during an event where the online video community will be watching.

YouTube has never made any major announcements at past VidCons. However, with over 10,000 YouTube lovers in attendance at this year’s VidCon, the video-sharing could not ask for a better venue to launch new products.

If YouTube wants to double down on paid channels and refuse to accept that a pay-to-view model was a bad idea in the first place, VidCon is the place to show that commitment and hopefully start a swell of support.


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