YouTuber Documents How She Learns To Dance in One Year in Viral Time-Lapse Video

They say practice makes perfect, and that’s what Karen Cheng is trying to prove in her viral video documenting her year of practicing dance.

She began videotaping herself starting from her first few days of practicing her dance moves. Viewers of the video then see Cheng’s progress over the course of many months and its eventual culmination into an impromptu performance on a BART station platform in South San Francisco, Calif.

In her description to the video, Cheng outlines her secret to her success as a dancer in one year: “I practiced everywhere. At bus stops. In line at the grocery store. At work — Using the mouse with my right hand and practicing drills with my left hand. You don’t have to train hardcore for years to become a dancer. But you must be willing to practice and you better be hungry.”

See how Cheng progresses as a dancer in the video above.

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