YouTuber & ISA Director Launches Kickstarter To Help Meet His Biological Family

YouTube creator and musician Dan Matthews (DanakaDAN) is about to meet his biological parents and he needs your help documenting the entire experience. Originally born to South Korean parents, Matthews was adopted at eight months old and raised in Southern California. Recently however, Matthews was made aware that his birth parents are married and still living in Korea with Matthews’ sister and twin brother.

“It was surreal,” Matthews explains in a video. “I remember getting that email at Midnight, and I was just shaking the entire night… I would have thought that it would have taken them a while to warm up to, but they want to meet me right away.”

Matthews has launched a Kickstarter to raise funds for a multi-media project that will document his experience as an adoptee meeting his birth family for the first time. “This is about identity, this is about the Asian-American experience, this is about bridging multi-cultural gaps, but most importantly, this is about family,” Matthews explains.


According to the Kickstarter page, Matthews and the documentary crew are seeking $25,000 in funding, which will go towards a variety of necessities including lodging and transportation while in South Korea.

You can check out the Kickstarter here.


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