YouTuber Joey Graceffa Claims He Is Short of $100K Kickstarter Goal Because of Fake Pledges


YouTuber Joey Graceffa’s Kickstarter project for his “Skins” meets “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” web series “Storytellers” may have hit a big snag.

Graceffa went on his Twitter account last night to say that the project, which exceeded its goal of $100,000 by raising $140,949, only received around $77,000 because Kickstarter couldn’t get money from some of the people who pledged money by Wednesday’s deadline.


He elaborated further in another tweet: “Basically what that means is people pledged money they didnt have on their credit cards! But they have 14 days to put money in their account.”

Kickstarter’s policy states that it only charges credit cards of pledgers once a project reaches its goal.

PrettyMuchIt’s Eric Striffler told Graceffa on Twitter that he too experienced the same problem with Kickstarter’s pledging system: “Shit… that happened when I ran a Kickstarter a while back, lots of fake pledges. Only big problem with the site unfortunately.”

“Storytellers,” which also features YouTubers Michael Gallagher as director and Whitney Milam as writer and producer, follows a group of six teenagers who hang out and tell scary stories around a campfire. The stories become more realistic and more frightening as they learn more about their world and each other. Much like the British television drama “Skins,” each episode focuses on one of the teenagers.

NMR reached out to Graceffa and Kickstarter about the problems facing the “Storytellers” project and we will update this story as soon as we get comment.

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